Hydro-Thermal’s history of Hydroheater innovation

Hydro-Thermal takes great pride in its history of product innovation and industry expertise.

When the Hydroheater was invented back in the early 1930’s it was born out of a partnership with Kimberly-Clark, and focused on the needs of pulp and paper mills. These industries have been the foundation for our business since, literally, the very start. Since then Hydro-Thermal has continued to work with industry leaders like Ingredion (formerly Penford) and others, to refine and advance solutions. With the invention of the Solaris in 2001, we have expanded our reach and currently have approximately 525 installs in plants in more than 20 countries around the world. 

Our resident expert, Dr. Shawn Berg has more than 20 years of pulp and paper experience and has presented extensively at private institutions and universities, as well as conferences including TAPPI/PaperCon/PEERS, PAPTAC-EXFOR and more. His expertise spans the spectrum of pulp and paper, and his knowledge and passion are relentless.

Our engineering staff consists of 15 brilliant minds that span a variety of specialties including fluid, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and design engineers. They have formed strategic research partnerships with our customers, large OEMs, leading Midwestern universities, research associations and independent R&D engineering firms, to constantly evolve our products and inspire new product development.

Direct steam injection heating utilizing the Hydroheater

No matter what your industry or application Hydro-Thermal’s heating solutions will assure you saving energy costs, reducing maintenance down-time, and more. 

With instantaneous heating where you need it, our Solaris and Industrial Hydroheater are ideal for anywhere maintaining a precise temperature is critical.

Our most popular heating applications include:

PULP STOCK WASHING Stock and filtrate heating up to 13% consistency possible, as well as water/filtrate heating between bleach stages. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal is working with a major European pulp and paper equipment company to offer the pulp stock heating application on a greater scale. The equipment company partnered with Hydro-Thermal for its technology and eventually private labeled a version of its Solaris Hydroheater equipment. Now, the second generation product line is marketed in conjunction with this company in the pulp and paper market. Therefore, any processors interested in this type of application will be directed to this equipment provider.

GREEN LIQUOR HEATING Achieve best conversion and minimize risk of boil-over with controlled and precise temperature of slaker reaction during the causticizing process. Click here to learn more:

There are multiple methods to heat green liquor including sparging into a tank, using a shell and tube heat exchanger, or doing nothing at all and having uncontrolled temperature. Using Hydro-Thermal’s solution increases causticizer efficiency, improves conversion rate of lime use, reduces dusting at lime kiln, and heats 100% of the process flow in line prior to the slaker.

BLACK LIQUOR HEATING Precise and consistent temperature control allows for easy adjustment of liquor viscosity and efficient boiler firing. Click here to learn more:

Black liquor is heated to achieve optimum drop size of the black liquor feed into the recovery boiler. If the drop size is too small, then emissions increase. If the drop size is too large, then liquor does not burn efficiently. Hydro-Thermal’s solution helps control droplet size, and can heat black liquor with solids over 70% without scaling or fouling.

SODIUM CHLORATE RAILCAR UNLOADING Combination of 317L and Duplex2205 alloys ensure reliable heating method that controls heating of the solution throughout entire unloading process. Click here to learn more:

Up to 10-20% of product can remain un-dissolved in railcars and be returned to the chemical manufacturer if the water isn’t at proper temperature. Preheating water to 180 degrees F during the recirc process can remove nearly 100% of product in the railcar. By using Hydro-Thermal’s solution, you will eliminate loss of product due to inconsistent temperature control. In addition, maintain employee safety even if you are unloading highly corrosive and hazardous material.

Hydro-Thermal's solution can help with a variety of other water heating applications including:

TANK HEATING Easily and efficiently heats tanks on in-feed or in recirc mode, trim heat. Click here to learn more:

We can heat the fluid going into the tank; re-circulate the tank to maintain a specific temperature, or leave the tank cold and heat the liquid exiting the tank, producing hot water on demand. Many customers see a return on investment (ROI) in less than three months.

LOG DE-ICING Hot water on demand to de-ice logs on barking drum conveyor.

PRE-COAT FILTER SHOWERS Improve shower efficiency through precise and consistent water temperature.

MUD DILUTION WATER Improve operation around the caustic/green liquor area of your facility.